John Cleaver Series

Before I begin, just a friendly reminder that there are NO SPOILERS for what your are about to read!!! Now that that’s out the way, I just finished reading the latest installment of the John Cleaver series by Dan Wells and it keeps getting better and better.  This series not only introduces the protagonist at a young … More John Cleaver Series

The Martian

So this is new! I am a huge reader and I decided, from time to time, that I will review a book that I like. Last Sunday, the Emmy’s were on, and I decided to watch a bit of it before going out. The actor who won for best comedy or musical was Matt Damon … More The Martian

NMB’S Paradise

Not many people know this, but North Miami Beach has a wonderful little island in the middle of their city. So take a trip with me to a place called Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin, so I can show you a part of the Caribbean. Vegetarian Restaurant is located before North Miami Ave on 167th right … More NMB’S Paradise

Ricky Thai Bistro

NoMi you did it again!!! For my birthday, my friend Jonni (shout out to Jonni and Andrew) invited me to a Thai restaurant I’ve been dying to try in North Miami. It’s called Ricky Thai Bistro and it’s located on 123rd street before getting to 16 avenue in a little strip by Vega’s Burger, which … More Ricky Thai Bistro